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Sugar Puddin’ Desserts was inspired by my aunt, Lucy, who introduced me to baking at an early age, and my late great-uncle, Samuel “Sugar Puddin” McGee, a musician and retired chef in the US Army, known all around East Texas for his amazing recipes.

The majority of my childhood included sweltering summers in the country at our family church, Clear Springs Missionary Baptist Church (Lindale, Texas), where my favorite part of being in the country was all the mouth-watering soul food that was served in-between Homecoming Sunday and church revival services. As the youngest grandchild, I spent many afternoon hovering nearby my elders as they prepped and served what seemed like the prettiest, most amazing food on earth. Observing the love with which they fine-tuned their recipes, and even their meticulous plating and presentation standards for every family dinner, led to my appreciation for delicious home cooking and sparked my curiosity for the kitchen.

After two decades of holiday baking traditions yielding care packages for classmates and friends, I decided to merge my professional marketing background with my passion for pastries to create a brand deeply rooted in my family’s values and reflective of the nostalgia of southern-style comfort foods.

Honoring my grandparents’, Terrell and Altitia (McGee) Mitchem’s, legacies through paying homage to our down home roots has made developing these original recipes and sharing them with customers around the country all the more special.

And while many of these desserts are associated with the holidays, I don’t think anyone should have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy these timeless treats. That’s where Sugar Puddin’ steps in — to carry on the torch of homemade sweets beyond the holiday season.

I appreciate each of you who allow us to share in your special moments everyday!

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Summer Galvez
Chief Butter Officer