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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’ve been in business since 2013.

Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us over the years.

Because of a hectic travel schedule, I was unable to prepare something for the 4th of July summer cookout this summer. SUGAR PUDDIN TO THE RESCUE!!!! The team at Sugar Puddin was very responsive, courteous, flexible & their desserts are great!!! When I tell you the pan of bread puddin I ordered may have lasted 16 minutes @ our cookout??? I was kicking myself for not ordering another! The whole Sugar Puddin experience from order to last bite is wonderful! And I would recommend you get involved with the, for your next major function, or just if you wanna have a tasty dessert for yourself. Thanks again!!!
Ben Holcomb (Dallas, TX)

A few folks aren’t going to understand but others will. This is a Jack Daniels Bread Pudding made by Summer Galvez’ company @SugarPuddinDFW down in Texas. This is AMAZING! If desserts are your thing make sure you visit their website and follow them on Instagram. It literally tastes like it was baked yesterday.
— Ronnie Notch (St. Louis, MO)

Everyone knows I love dessert and to cook, but bread pudding is something I LOVE, but never make. Then BOOM! @SugarPuddinDFW popped on the scene and GOOD LORD!!! Summer, thank you for opening your eyes to see what God had in store for you and using your gift because this bread pudding is AMAZING!!!
— Kevin Jiles (Dallas, TX)

OMG… This was the BEST Peach Cobbler I’ve ever tasted. The crust tastes so good, and y’all know that’s the best part.
— Jacque M. (Dallas, TX)

Summer, my staff enjoyed the 7-Up Cake and Peach Cobbler. Thank you so much for being apart of our Black Weekend. The pan was clean! They scraped every peach and crust out of the pan! I will definitely be placing more orders from you. Personally and professionally, you are the
— Tifney , Manager – Gucci Northpark (Dallas, TX)

Manna from on high, care of Summer and Sugar Puddin’. Maaaan say, that’s Oak Cliff for ya. #ThankYaLord Get yours today!!
— Lock Johnson (Dallas, TX)

I want to thank Sugar Puddin for these AMAZING mini cupcakes for the baby shower I hosted last night for my sister-in-law. They were a hit! Between the decorations and the pineapple surprise in the middle, people couldn’t stop talking about them. Summer, you are truly talented and I look forward to trying everything on the menu! Thank you.
— LaNae Walker (Dallas, TX)

FINALLY!! The pound cake I’ve been dreaming of for months! I just got my life with this Butter Pound Cake, made by Summer Galvez. Did I bust it open in traffic? Yep! I sure did! Being from Louisiana, we tend to be very tough food critics, but I must say this cake was delish!! Very friendly, professional and great customer service! #happycustomer #shegotthegoods #cakecakecakecakecake.

—@Glamsuga (Dallas, TX)

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